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Because you don’t get a second chance at a first impression

(Quick, act natural!)

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Need a professional-looking website but held back by a tight budget?

My new 'Beginners Guide to Build Like a Pro' is just what you need!

This DIY website course is aimed at complete beginners wanting to roll their sleeves up, show up online and let the world know they're open for business...whilst saving the few pennies too.

I walk you through my tried and tested, step-by-step process for getting a fully functional, industry-standard WordPress website up and running in no time. PLUS I share my insider design tips for getting that polished, professional finish too (you know, the one that gives you website envy)! Shhhh it'll be our little secret! 🤫

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” Design is the silent ambassador of your brand “


An awesome website:

  • Reflects your quality of service
  • Encourages potential clients to buy what you’re selling
  • Shows your audience you’re serious about your business
  • Is your most loyal employee promoting you 24/7

A great visual brand:

  • Connects emotionally to attract your ideal clients
  • Gives you the confidence to truly be yourself
  • Exudes the credibility to charge what you’re worth

    “People don’t buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories & magic”

    – Seth Godin

    Did you know?

    • You have approx. 5 seconds to grab a user’s attention
    • 75% of users will judge your credibility on design alone
    • 81% of clients will look you up online before deciding to buy

    The problem

    As a busy entrepreneur or small business chances are you have at least 50 hats to wear already. Becoming an experienced visual brand consultant, website designer, user experience specialist and web developer is probably not that high up on your list of priorities.

    Fear not! …

    ” People don’t buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories & magic “

    – Seth Godin

    Your solution

    (Spoiler alert…it’s me!)

    Hi, I’m Raquel (a.k.a. The Mighty Fox) and lucky for you, I’m a visual brand consultant, website designer and web developer all rolled into one, doing all the creative and techie things so you don’t have to!

    I create beautiful brands and websites designed to capture a user’s attention and emotionally connect with your potential clients, turning them into loyal fans whilst giving your online presence the credibility it deserves.

    You’re passionate about what you do, I’m passionate about helping you do it. Let’s see what we can create together!

    What my clients say

    I absolutely love the end result and wished I’d have known about her sooner!

    Kimberly Allan // Blogger

    Media Mummy
    Raquel came highly recommended and we were not disappointed. Very creative, an excellent listener and very responsive.

    David Wilson // Founder & Director

    Hybrid Search
    Raquel simplifies the complex in her calm and reassuring style and comes up with practical and sensible solutions.

    Kate Mansfield // Career Coach

    Kate Mansfield Careers
    Raquel captured exactly the look and feel that I was aiming for. She's a pleasure to work with.

    Rob Stephenson // Cycling Coach

    The Unhinged Cyclist
    I was really pleased with the quality and the speed of the work she produced. There is absolutely no doubt that I will use Raquel again.

    Suzie Flynn // Business & NLP Coach

    Suzie Flynn Coaching
    Thank you so much for creating my beautiful website and logo! What you do and how you do it is awesome.

    Marija Vanaga // Founder & Property Consultant

    Business Rock
    She was quick, reliable and extremely professional. I had no doubts whatsoever that Raquel knew what she was doing.

    Joanne Munro // VA Trainer

    The VA Handbook

    What my clients say

    Want to see my skills in action?