Well, hello there!

Hi, I’m Raquel, the brains and creative hand behind The Mighty Fox.

People like you and me can get quite busy with world domination so in the interest of saving you some time here are the edited highlights:

  • Before I was a branding Fairy Godmother and web design Maven I was a Network and Marketing Manager in the corporate world with an extensive background in Board and Executive-level support. I was great at what I did and the in-house coffee was pretty cool, but it didn’t light my world on fire.
  • I always knew I wanted to work for myself and have tried my hand at a few things in the past. The Mighty Fox didn’t start life as a purely design-focused business but became it by popular demand.
  • I’m self-taught and incredibly proud of that, it means I not only have a world of knowledge under my belt but am a natural trouble-shooter and extremely self-motivated.
  • “The Mighty Fox” business name and branding is derived from a combination of my grandmother referring to me as ‘small but mighty’ since I was a child, a brain-storming session around the kitchen table with my family and my love for all things nature related. Foxes are resilient, resourceful and cool, it just felt right!

Key values

  • Family and close friends mean everything to me
  • Understanding of people and things
  • Compassion for others
  • Integrity. “How you do one thing is how you do all things.”
  • Personal growth. “True knowledge is knowing you know nothing.”
  • Respect for Nature

Key values

Why work with me

Why work with me

  • I have extensive technical knowledge and experience in brand design and web development
  • I take time to listen and get to know you and your business inside-out
  • I know you don’t want to end up with yet another long list of stuff to do
  • I understand and respect how much your business means to you
  • I’m a big believer in flow and simplicity so my process involves making life as easy as possible for you

Some ‘getting to know you’ facts

  • I’m originally from Lisbon, Portugal and have lived in London, England since the age of 8. But apparently, you wouldn’t know it from my accent.
  • I’m an INFJ Meyers Briggs personality type down to a T.
  • Walking is my fix-all solution. Happy, sad, contented or mad. One foot in front of the other, a long walk is how I usually kickstart creativity, trouble-shoot or simply find moments of peace.
  • I used to be (a while ago now) a keen (but rather mediocre!) social poker player. Had made it to three regional tournaments, one national and have three pub league trophies I’m quite proud of.

Some ‘getting to know you’ facts

What my clients say

What my clients say

I absolutely love the end result and wished I’d have known about her sooner!

Kimberly Allan // Blogger

Media Mummy
Raquel came highly recommended and we were not disappointed. Very creative, an excellent listener and very responsive.

David Wilson // Founder & Director

Hybrid Search
Raquel simplifies the complex in her calm and reassuring style and comes up with practical and sensible solutions.

Kate Mansfield // Career Coach

Kate Mansfield Careers
Raquel captured exactly the look and feel that I was aiming for. She's a pleasure to work with.

Rob Stephenson // Cycling Coach

The Unhinged Cyclist
I was really pleased with the quality and the speed of the work she produced. There is absolutely no doubt that I will use Raquel again.

Suzie Flynn // Business & NLP Coach

Suzie Flynn Coaching
Thank you so much for creating my beautiful website and logo! What you do and how you do it is awesome.

Marija Vanaga // Founder & Property Consultant

Business Rock
She was quick, reliable and extremely professional. I had no doubts whatsoever that Raquel knew what she was doing.

Joanne Munro // VA Trainer

The VA Handbook

What do you say, shall we do this?