A little bit about me

Well hello there you successful thing !

I’m Raquel, the brains and brawn behind The Mighty Fox.

Go-getters like us can get quite busy with world domination n’ all, so let’s save some time and head for the highlights:

  • I was in ‘corporate’ for over a decade before finally accepting I was a dab-hand creative. My old ground was Board and Executive Level support as well as mid-level management in a number of industries including Executive Recruitment, Pro-audio Distribution and IT/Telecoms.
  • I always wanted to be my own boss so left corporate when I had the chance and now occasionally check LinkedIn if I need to remember what I did before I founded The Mighty Fox. I’m not going back and you can’t make me!
  • I’m mostly self-taught and very proud of it. It’s imbued me with a world of knowledge, brought out my problem-solving skills, encouraged my self-motivation and taught me a lot about myself.
  • My tried and trusted ‘client onboarding process’ is listening. I take time to listen to my clients first and foremost, get to know their business inside-out and understand their business objectives. Everything else goes from there.
  • I’m magic. I know you don’t want to end up with yet another long list of stuff to do, because neither do I. So;
  • I’m a big believer in flow and simplicity. My process involves making things as simple and easy as possible for you.
  • I understand how much your business means to you because I’ve been (and am) right there with you. I want to see you succeed and I’ll be your cheerleader all the way. Woohoo, go you!!

Why ” The Mighty  Fox”?

  • Foxes are resourceful, resilient, instinctive problem-solvers and über cool, let’s face it!
  • My grandmother used to call me ‘small but Mighty‘ (She was onto something!)
  • After a (very intensive and very late) brainstorming session around the kitchen table with my family (that may or may not have involved a takeaway and a ‘passionate’ debate/altercation around the use of peri-peri salt), it just felt right! (I’ll let the record show they were responsible for the ‘The‘ in The Mighty Fox.)

Quick facts

  • I was born in Lisbon with Angolan ancestry and have lived in London since I was 8 yrs old. After taking one of those Ancestry DNA mapping tests I’ve discovered I really am a citizen of the world…or at least most parts of Europe and a small bit of Africa!
  • I’m an INFJ personality type to a T, preferring one to one meaningful exchanges over banal conversations or holding court, and the introvert type most likely to be mistaken for an extrovert (#awkward).
  • I’m a mentor with re:create, a platform aimed at helping emerging creatives match up to mentors to help them rise! (If you’re a newbie web or brand creative looking for guidance whilst you find your feet find me there)
  • I used to be a keen (but rather mediocre) social poker player (a while ago). I made it to three regional tournaments, one national and have three league trophies I’m quite, and will always be, proud of.
  • I’ve belted out Toto’s Africa more times than any grown woman should admit to. Usually on my own. Usually in my PJs. Always from the heart #ClassicRock
  • I whole-heartedly believe it’s not only possible to be a pragmatic idealist, but it’s also a damn good idea!
  • I LOVE making lists

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