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… your growing and thriving agency is overwhelmed with new projects and can no longer cope or you’re wanting to streamline the way you work.

You could hire me to relieve the pressure, help with the overflow and assist the team

… you’re a talented creative that loves design but web build and development isn’t your zone of genius or you just don’t enjoy or have the time for it.

You could outsource the boring development and techy stuff to me.

… you’ve been successfully serving Marketing, Social Media or other digital services to clients and want to extend the offering to websites but don’t have the in-house capability.

You could bring me in as your freelance team-member to fill the gap.

I work flexibly with you and your business to provide assistance either as a named associate liaising with clients on your behalf or behind the scenes doing white-label work with your name on it.

Whatever works best for you!

MMA have worked with The Mighty Fox now on several projects over the last year. Every time we have referred Raq, we do so safe in the knowledge that our clients will receive a fantastic service, improving our standing with them too.
Tom Bridge

Founder/Managing Director, Magdalen Marketing Agency (MMA)

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Raquel for the last seven years. Brilliantly organised and process driven Raquel has helped us build and organise effectively our databases, websites, marketing campaigns and events. Great capacity for work. Warm and engaging character.
Nick Robeson

Founder/CEO, Hemming Robeson

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